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Broadcloth Cotton Solid

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Wholesale Broadcloth Fabric, Cotton Blend Solid

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What Is Broadcloth

Description, origin and uses of Broadcloth

Broadcloth is a densely woven solid fabric usually made of Cotton either in a blend of Polyester/ Cotton, or 100% Cotton. Broadcloth is an extremely sturdy and very soft fabric most commonly used for quilting, crafts, apparel, men's shirts, display and tabletops.
The origins of Broadcloth are believed to be from medieval England where originally spun from wool. As the demands for Broadcloth grew, the un-dyed Broadcloth Fabric was exported to Belgium, where it was finished and dyed in huge vats and distributed throughout Europe. sells the largest selection of
Broadcloth Cotton Solid Fabrics
on the Web at Wholesale Prices.

45" Broadcloth by the Yard, Bolt and Roll in 26 colors.
60" broadcloth by the Yard, Bolt and Roll in 27 colors