100% Cotton Gauze

100% Cotton Gauze is a light weight, semi-sheer, crinkle textured fabric.   With the flowing drape of a 100% Cotton Gauze, I always imagine a skirt, dress, or wide legged pants softly flowing in the breeze as you walk along the sea shore.  Or, maybe it is 100% Cotton Gauze curtains fluttering in the breeze of an open window.   Want a vintage look?  With added cotton trims and laces for embellishment, 100% Cotton Gauze will give you the perfect vintage look.


Our 100% cotton Gauze is 55″ wide and comes in 14 different colors.  Our latest colors added to our 100% Cotton Gauze Collection is Blush Pink and Mauve.  The 100% Cotton Gauze is sold by the yard or by the bolt of 25 yards.

100% cotton Gauze can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low.  Remember, with 100% Cotton you don’t want to over dry your fabric or it will have a high rate of shrinkage.

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