120″ Wide Poplin

Our 120″ Wide Poplin is an excellent choice for table coverings, chair covers,  and wall drapes for special events.  The wide width of the 120″ Poplin gives tables a floor length covering without having to seam your tablecloth together. If you are looking for a solid fabric to cover a ceiling, the 120″ Wide Poplin allows you to have fewer lengths to drape across the ceiling along with a crisp, flowing look.

Our 120″ Wide Poplin is 100% Polyester so it can easily be machine washed over and over without shrinkage or distortion.  The 120″ Wide Poplin is available in 10 different colors and is sold by the yard at $7.99yd or by the full roll of 65 yards at $5.99yd.

In this outdoor garden party, the  White 120″ Wide Poplin was used for a floor length table cloth and covers for folding chairs.  The 120″ Wide Poplin table covering was accented with an overlay of Yellow China Silk.  The chair coverings were accented with ties of 54″ Tulle – Vel gold.

Our 120″ wide Poplin is so easy to care for, durable and can be used in a casual or elegant setting.

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