Fabrics for a Market Tote

Spring has barely arrived for many of us and summer is right around the corner, but Farmer’s Markets are in full swing!


I love the atmosphere and smells of the Farmer’s Markets and find myself wanting to try a little of everything.

Do you have a favorite market tote for carrying all your special finds?

You can have an elaborate tote with lots of pockets or a simple bag with handles.

FabricDirect.com has a large array of fabrics to make your special market tote.

Indoor/Outdoor fabrics give durability and are water repellent.  Check out our Outdoor fabrics, such as Sunbrella, Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas and the Indoor/Outdoor Decorating Fabrics.

Maybe you would like a light weight market tote that you can easily fold up small and stick in your purse or pocket.  We have the perfect fabrics….

45″ & 60″ Broadcloth, Habatai China Silk, Polyester Lining, Muslin and Cotton Ripstop Fabric would all be great choices.

We’d love to see what your tote looks like that you take to Farmer’s Markets.

If you have questions about any of our fabrics, please ask!