Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas

The Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas Fabric is perfect for seat cushions, chair pads, tote bags and anything else that may be exposed to moisture. It comes in many different patterns & solid colors.

One side is a water repelling canvas and the opposite side is a thin vinyl. When water spills on the Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas it beads up.  If water is left on the Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas for a short time, it will leave a wet spot but doesn’t penetrate clear through because of the vinyl backing.

The vinyl backing also makes for a slip proof surface.  I made these kitchen chair pads and used the vinyl side facing out on the back side of the chair pads…..the chair pads don’t slip around when you sit on them!

Top with canvas side out
Back with vinyl side out

This Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas was super easy to sew on my regular Viking sewing machine.  A regular universal needle worked perfectly.

I made my chair pads so that I could remove the covers and wash them. Yes!……you can wash the Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas.  I washed several swatches in a front loader machine with warm water and cold rinse.  I hung the swatches to dry, as with a vinyl backing you wouldn’t want to put it through the dryer.  I stained a yellow swatch with ketchup and one with grape juice and let them sit for a while.  Before putting them in the wash, I applied a laundry spot cleaner.  The grape juice washed completely out and there was a slight red hue left from the ketchup.

After a couple months of using my yellow Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas chair pads daily at my kitchen table, they still look new.

Have you used our Sunrise Water Resistant Canvas for any of your projects? We’d love to hear what you used it for and your experience of sewing with it.

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