Reward Bonus Points Program

How it works

You can earn and accumulate points to pay for the fabric you buy @

You have to be logged in to earn and redeem these points

Activity Points Earned
Purchase fabric (awarded when we ship your order) 5 points/$1 spent
Create an account 400
Refer a friend (awarded after friend’s first order) 1000
Like a product on Facebook (max:5/day) 100
Share a product on Facebook (max:10/day) 100
Tweet a product on Twitter (max:10/day) 100
Follow us on Twitter 400
Follow us on Instagram 400
Write a Review 100

What you get

Redeeming your points is easy. Your earned points will appear on the checkout page.

You choose how many points to redeem to your current order.

$2 off discount 500 Points
$4 off discount 1000 Points
$10 off discount 2500 Points

Just a few restrictions

Points are not rewarded for fabrics offered on our Sale Page or purchased with any sale coupons. retains the rights to amend any terms of this program and to withold points upon our discretion.

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